Proactive Customer Service

Within Phoenics, there is nothing more important than proactively supporting our customers when going from prototype to production. After so much effort has been put into evaluating the market you are entering, defining the product you plan on building, engineering and designing your system level product and then intelligently choosing the devices to be used in your system, the last step of the overall process- procurement- should not be the most difficult.

It is our job to work closely with you to ensure that you have product when you need it. We'll work with you to understand the lead times involved on the different components and what needs to happen for the process to work smoothly. After prototyping has been completed, we will then work closely with you during production ramp and into full production.  

Our aggressive Inside Sales team will work hard on inventorying the products that we distribute so that you can focus your energies on other serious matters that inevitably come up. As we've seen with countless customers, once you've worked with our team on a project of any kind, you'll most certainly want to continue the relationship of having Phoenics Electronics service you as a customer.

We take great pride in helping customers go from evaluation to prototype to production, and we are diligent as we see ourselves as part of your team.

Customer service is not a department, it is our philosophy.