Cinch Connectivity Solutions

The Stratos line of optical connectivity products, designed and manufactured by Cinch Connectivity Solutions, is globally recognized as highly reliable, cost-effective, and provides optical connectivity solutions that are virtually immune to dust, mud, oil, water, and other contaminants.

Our expanded beam connectivity products are ideal for harsh environment applications in the broadcast, industrial, petrochemical and military/aerospace markets where high reliability, low maintenance and quick serviceability are critical requirements.

Our optical active products are used mainly in military, aerospace and industrial markets where high speed/high reliable performance is mission critical. The actives product line includes optical transceivers, optical media converters and custom devices tailored to your application.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions has a wide range of cable assemblies and connectors suited for RF, Microwave and Fiber Optic signal transmission. Connectivity Solutions is a vertically integrated supplier of custom, fixed length and semi rigid cable assemblies from DC to 50 GHz. Our product lines deliver custom-engineered products and solutions to satisfy the most demanding and complex requirements.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions

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