Bonding & Inventory Programs

So often in the manufacturing process, parts are not available to customers when they need them. Due to many issues surrounding logistics, inefficient procurement of devices can lead to "line down" situations or even worse, loss of revenue.

Phoenics Electronics focuses on several logistical services that allow customers to not only get the product when they need it, but to cost efficiently secure product so that return on assets are in line with corporate goals.

Several opportunities for efficiency are at work between Phoenics and our customer base:

  1. Bonding of product
  2. Just In Time programs
  3. Supplier Managed Inventory programs
  4. Overseas Warehousing
  5. Open Inventory
  6. Flexible Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)
  7. Current Market Pricing

Bonding of Product: Phoenics will work closely with you on stocking product that is dedicated to you. If other customers come in looking for that product, they will not have access to it. The product is dedicated to you and will not be sourced to anyone other than you.

Just in Time programs: Many customers do not want added inventory cost adding up and so are looking for an efficient and fast way of having supply to their manufacturing sites. In this case, Phoenics can ship at a high frequency level to satisfy the needs and financial restrictions implemented by the customer.

Supplier Managed Inventory Programs: Phoenics Electronics has several SMI/VMI programs instituted with medium sized to large Contract Manufacturers. In this model, product is held at the CM itself until product is needed for assembly at which point the product is "pulled" from storage and brought to the assembly line for manufacture. This is a proactive and supportive program that is implemented extremely well by Phoenics and our CM partners for mid to high volume requirements.

Overseas Warehousing: In many cases, design and engineering is being completed in North America and then manufacturing is supported by the Far East. Whether it be Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia or mainland China, Phoenics has warehouse capability in all of these locations to service you in a timely and cost effective manner. Product is stored in a secure, air and humidity controlled environment and then shipped to you based on your instructions whereby you can track everything on the web- from boxes being held in the warehouse to the truck bringing it to your manufacturing facility.

Open Inventory: Phoenics works closely with our manufacturers to ensure that we have plenty of products on the shelf so that if/when you need something immediately, you know where to come. In today's day of ROA being diligently tracked, it's important to know that you can work with Phoenics to assist in your success. 

Flexible Minimum Order Quantities: In many cases, customers don't require a full box or tray that a product is shipped in by the manufacturer. Phoenics supports working with customers on "breaking" trays and delivering product in smaller quantities. This value-add service allows customers to pay for what they want instead of absorbing extra cost on product that isn't needed.

Current Market Pricing: Phoenics works closely with our manufacturers to ensure that our customers are paying the lowest amount possible for product. Our continuous price reduction process gives customers confidence in knowing that their Bills of Materials are both price protected and secure against potential price increases.

Logistics and efficiency are critical to the success of Phoenics and our customer base. Working closely with our customers allows us to inventory the right product based on solid forecasting and insight that we provide our manufacturers. As always, communication is the key to success and we take our responsibility in that area very seriously.