Applications Support

Our Applications Engineering (AE) team is highly focused on the technology they support. Given the breadth of knowledge it takes to fully understand any given device, it is critical to have an AE team that is focused on the specific products we distribute and the market segments that our customer base participates in.

Although our AEs span across the United States, we combine the experience of all involved to ensure that our customers get resolution to answers in a short period of time.  Through the use of Live Chat, Skype, email, Webex, conference calls or simple phone calls, we'll work with you to get you answers so that you can move forward with your engineering evaluation or design work.

We'll help you through schematic reviews and troubleshooting to the best of our ability, and if we don't know the answer immediately, we'll work with our manufacturers to get the answer in an expedient manner, all the while tracking your problem in a regimented approach.

Our goal is to inform, educate and assist you in your design to help you move from evaluation to prototype to production as soon as possible.